About Us

For over 50 years, our company has established solid ground in providing the best service on all things Hardware, Paints and Industrial Tools. Through the direct supervision of the owners, from a mere small hardware establishment that sells hardware items for everyday needs to a fully equipped establishment that is increasingly becoming a one-stop shop for all types of small, medium and even large scale Industries in Aurangabad, Chikaithana, Waluj, Shendra, Paithan and Jalna.

Over the decades, we have witnessed the overwhelming support and continued patronage among our clients. Almost all of them have been loyal customers and keep coming back because of the quality and the prompt services we provide. This is on top of the best quality products that we offer at very reasonable and competitive costs.

We value quality and reliability, that is why we only offer products that are genuine and of the highest quality. Anything that falls below that criteria is a big no-no for us, and we only work with products that will never get away from that criteria, and nothing less than that. You can be assured that all our products are high quality, and that as such, we will never provide discounted prices only to offer sub-standard products.

We take great pride in customer satisfaction and continued patronage too. We take pride in providing timely service to our clients and make sure that their every need is met. After sales, service satisfaction is also one of our key priorities, and we always make sure we live up to that reputation. Most of our clients keep on coming back because of our jolly demeanour and generally light mood when they talk to us. This is because we firmly believe that a friendly workplace leads to better efficiency in terms of work and the kinds of service we provide.

Being well-established in our hometown Aurangabad, we have ventured out into the nearby towns and established good customer relationships among them. But we do not want to stop there — our main vision is to spread good service and good camaraderie through expanding our business reach across all state borders all over India. The feeling of our customers that they belong with us and regard us as a partner and not a merchant is something that is important — and we want to reach out to more people, as we believe we are doing something worthy for everyone to experience.